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Alexandria Levin
Accidental Photography

I am not a photographer by trade or vocation. I take snaphots. Some of those are not-so-great pictures of friends and family taken over the years; good memories preserved in awkward poses and bad lighting. I have also shot hundreds of other photos for use as background reference for paintings; mostly landscapes, but also buildings, trees, animals, clouds... There are albums filled with these photographs.

A couple of years back I was given a simple snapshot-type digital camera. Not being limited to 24 shots on a roll meant I could click away with reckless abandon. And so I have, especially while being a passenger on trains. I did not intend for any of these images to come out this way. They just did.

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photograph by Alexandria Levin


photograph by Alexandria Levin


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Train Station

Two of my earliest photos of this genre, taken while pulling away from a train station one late November morning.

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