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Alexandria Levin’s site for contemporary realist and semi-surrealist paintings.
Books for artists and other creative folks on pricing artwork and developing unlimited creativity by author Alexandria Levin. Drawing Out the Muses and Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence are now available as ebooks on both Nook and Kindle.
Ms. Levin's author page at now online at Amazon. Here you will find links to all her books, including the updated and revised 'Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence' in a gorgeous new print edition.
This blog by Alexandria Levin was conceived and developed during the flea-bitten summer of 2009 as a place to opine, wax poetic, share inspiration and vent steam. It is for artists and other curious folks.
Superb fine art and commercial photography.
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About this Site

All content on this site is for viewing purposes only. All paintings on this site are copyrighted and on file with the Library of Congress. All poems and lyrics are fully protected by copyright law. Any and all copyright violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No image anywhere on this site, nor original text may be downloaded, stored, printed, transferred or otherwise reproduced without written and signed consent of Alexandria Levin.

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Paintings, illustrations and scenic photography by Alexandria Levin.
All painting squares are color-shifted details of original paintings.
People photography by various friends and family.
All clip art is from Dover Publications or Scan This Book.

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Evergreen painting detail by Alexandria Levin

Trunk Bottom painting detail by Alexandria Levin

South Grove painting detail by Alexandria Levin


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