toy fish on wheels
toy fish on wheels


Play is having exploratory fun with design. Play gets the creative juices flowing, and helps to enrich even the most serious of projects. Play attracts attention and allows that attention to linger. Play brings beauty, joy, and wonder, therefore supporting the delivery of positive outcomes.

web graphics

Web Graphics

Work as play and play as work. These web graphics created for social media were put together in Photoshop.

illustration detail

Photoshop Collage

In late July, 2021, I became aware of an illustration submission opportunity with a tight deadline, and I took on the challenge to create six illustrations based on the themes of work-life balance, career building, and finances. These pieces were put together in a 24-hour period, while also meeting a website launch deadline. I worked with what I had on file, including my own artwork and photography, plus clip art from Dover and Scan this Book.

teaching banners

Photoshop Lessons

For a few years I taught web design and development to online students, one-on-one. And for those who wanted it, I offered a crash course in Photoshop basics, including how to create a simple header using layers. These samples were 15 or 20-minute improv sessions, put together on the fly. The results reflect imaginary businesses and such.

birthday cards

Birthday Cards

Photoshop play works fabulously for creating original birthday cards meant for sharing with friends in various online venues. Scroll down the PDF for the six newest cards. Happy Birthday!

leaf banner

Leaf Site

Leaf Site was pure play in Bootstrap 3, to see what could be done with the built-in columns and rows. Around the time Bootstrap 4 passed beta testing, I became aware of the CSS Grid Layout method. I then pivoted to this newer system which could bypass limitations in layout and therefore expand design possibilities.

Leaf Site is filled with my own leaf photography, paintings, and tree-inspired poetry. It is a website with no other purpose than to be a work of art, and literature, unto itself.